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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as “The visual inspection of a vacant home or property looking for obvious issues.”

An obvious issue is an issue that is easy to see. It is not hidden behind box’s or stacks of books or clothing, etc. It is in the open.

Our Home Watcher LLC will check all rooms, closets, basements, the perimeter of home and outbuildings, etc. for any obvious issues. We will not move boxes, stacks of books, clothing, etc. to look behind them. If the issue is hidden behind objects it is not considered obvious. 

Our Home Watcher, LLC services Oceana, Mason, and Muskegon Counties in Michigan and their surrounding areas.
Our primary service areas include Pentwater, Silver Lake, Stony Lake, Ludington, Montague and Whitehall.

An alarm company monitors entry into your home or fire alarms, they do not monitor potential problems that can occur due to broken pipes, mold, pests or vagrants. Our Home Watcher LLC will identify those problems or the possibility of their occurrence and notify you with recommendations and for guidance on how you wish to proceed.

Security cameras are a great asset, however, unless you have multiple cameras in every room, closet, basement, attic and surrounding the home and every outbuilding you just cannot look at or see everything that we will. A few examples of issues found that cameras will not see: ant infestation, mold forming, a leaking pipe, ice forming on the inside of a window, cleaning fluids seeping from failed containers, leaking fluids under parked vehicles. The list goes on and on.

Most neighborhood watch programs are passive by nature and do not provide the level of engagement with your property that Our Home Watcher LLC will. We will check your property’s interior and exterior in more detail than you can expect from a neighborhood watch program. Also, are they insured and bonded? 

Our Home Watcher, LLC. proudly displays the Accredited banner of the National Home Watch Association. We have been vetted and approved by this organization to insure we are bonded and insured for your protection. We also subscribe to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics.

Please click on the following link to be taken to the National Home Watch Association website to view their code of ethics and to answer any additional questions you may have concerning the NHWA.

National Home Watch Association Website

Our Home Watcher, LLC utilizes state-of-the-art software developed specifically for the home watch industry, by home watch professionals. Its unique “QRIDit” technology generates a specific QR code for your property that can only be “unlocked” using GPS coordinates when we are physically on your property. You can watch this video for a more thorough understanding.

Watch Video

YES! We can coordinate access to your property for any situation at an hourly rate. All we need is your notification of date and time and any instructions you have. 

Our Home Watcher, LLC uses state-of-the-art software. We will send you a report upon completion of our visit to your home. Any problems identified will be accompanied by pictures and details of the problem. If we take any immediate action to prevent further damage we will contact you immediately to discuss what occurred and consider what course of action is needed for the repair. To learn more about the software we use please watch the following short video.

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YES! We can provide package and mail forwarding, re-opening house cleaning, purchasing groceries, monitoring of auto batteries and additional services upon request. 

We accommodate our customer’s needs whenever possible, We will try our hardest to make our schedule fits your needs.

During the initial homeowner meeting and contract signing, Our Home Watcher, LLC will ask for the homeowner’s list of maintenance and contractor companies.
If needed, Our Home Watcher, LLC can help provide a list of reliable companies and businesses.

Our Home Watcher, LLC accepts PayPal and credit cards using PayPal as well as personal checks, money orders and of course cash.

You may make any amount of payment at any time, Our Home Watcher, LLC will refund the prorated amount that was not used if for any reason you choose to cancel your service.

Our Home Watcher, LLC offers a 5% discount if paid for in advance. 

While we do not typically provide major home maintenance services, let us know what you need and we may be able to assist or refer you to quality contractors or vendors and coordinate access to your property.